Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy Sunday (((Homily)))

by Father Brian J. Soliven on Sunday April 19, 2020

The perennial problem of man is that we always seek life apart from God. Ever since Adam and Eve made the original mistake in the Garden of Eden, humanity has stumbled along ever since. Through every sin we commit, every turn to our addictions, every blatant rejection of God's moral order, we sever ourselves off from the source of life itself -- God.

The revelation of the Divine Mercy that we celebrate today could not have come in a more perfect time. It began with a simple nun in the 1930's, precisely in the heart of the 20th century, which would become the darkest, bloodiest century in all of human history. Hundreds of millions of people died through the great World Wars and the rise of totalitarian regimes that slaughtered the innocent in the pursuit of a utopian society. This carnage was set on constructing a life apart from God. Sound familiar? It's the same rerun over and over again, made all the more spectacular.

To this depravity, Jesus reminds humanity such an endeavor will only fail. There is no divine life apart from our Creator, no matter how much we try otherwise. That is why the Divine Mercy is more relevant than ever. Jesus points at his heart with the rays of white and red light shining forth. The white represents baptism; the red recalls the Eucharist. These, my friends, are the true sources of life that we have been searching for since the beginning of time.