How To Walk On Water (((HOMILY))): 19th Sunday in Ordinary TIme

Sunday August 9, 2020

Before you try walking on water, look at St. Peter today in the Gospel reading from Matthew as an example of what not to do. In this famous miracle, the future first pope called out to Jesus to ask if he could join him standing on the…


Jesus' Most Memorable Miracle (((HOMILY))): 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday August 2, 2020

The only miracle of Jesus found in all four Gospels is the multiplication of the loaves and fish (Matthew 14:13-21). It must have left a powerful impression for Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to include it. For them, they saw the Old…


Your Heart's Deepest Desire (((HOMILY))): 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday July 26, 2020

Have you ever asked yourself, "What is the deepest desire of my heart?" It's an intense question! It would not surprise if you said "no". However, take a moment to consider it. What is the deepest desire of your heart? What do you long for…


How We Fight (((HOMILY))): 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday July 19, 2020

My heart is heavy. Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; Brooklyn, New York; New Haven, Connecticut; St. Louis, Missouri; San Francisco and Sacramento.


Parable of the Sower (((HOMILY))): 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday July 12, 2020

This Sunday, we hear in the Gospel reading Jesus' famous Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:1-23). ​​​​​​It's one of my personal favorites.


Stop Praying Now (((HOMILY))): 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday July 5, 2020

How are we to approach these uncertain times we find ourselves in? We have two fundamental, yet strikingly different options, I believe.


The Beautiful Reminder (((HOMILY))): 131st Anniversary of Our Cathedral

Sunday June 28, 2020

Most kids who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons in the 1980's will know the following famous saying, "More than meets the eye." It is part of the theme song of the Transformers that we all sang along with our little hearts. In many ways…


The Good Fear: (((HOMILY))) 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday June 21, 2020

The year 2020 should be dubbed the "Year of Fear." This makes the words of Jesus in this Sunday's Gospel reading all the more powerful: "FEAR NO ONE...  do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, be…


True Food, True Drink (((HOMILY))): Corpus Christi

Sunday June 14, 2020

We share many things in common with our Protestant brothers and sisters. In fact, on key fundamentals of the Christian faith, what unites us far outweighs what divides us.


You Belong To God (((HOMILY))): Trinity Sunday

Sunday June 7, 2020

Last Sunday, a new priest was created for the Diocese of Sacramento. One of the most moving moments during the Ordination Rite comes before the candidate steps forward before the bishop and impart his hands on his head in that ancient…