Wedding Day

The Moving Power of Signs (((HOMILY))): 4th Sunday of Lent

by Father Brian J. Soliven on Sunday March 14, 2021

For most weddings, the bride is the star of the "show." Her dress, the hair, her very tear-soaked eyes capture the attention of all those seated in the pews. As she marches down the aisle towards her future husband, she notices something strange about his attire--he's wearing sweatpants! She explodes in anger; and rightly so. His clothing fails to capture the immensity of the moment. As human beings, the externals have power. They reveal the often invisible realities of the most important. The love between two people in the covenant of marriage cannot be seen, so we wear fancy dresses and suits to convey it. A police officers wears a uniform and a badge to show his invisible authority to give us speeding tickets. The beauty of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris casts our eyes upwards to the majesty of the invisible God.