Searching in the mountains

I Have Never Forgotten (((HOMILY))): 3rd Sunday of Lent

by Father Brian J. Soliven on Sunday March 7, 2021

Jerry Miller from Indiana wrote the following post on social media in a desperate attempt to find his child: 

"Looking for my daughter born December 4th or 5th 1978 in Covington Ky. at St. Elizabeth Hospital. I have never stopped looking! Adoption records are sealed. Birth father Jerry Miller (and) birth mother Kathy Kabich (unsure of spelling). I had a brain aneurysm shortly after you were born and wasn’t expected to live. You were adopted out while I was very sick. I just want you to know I have never forgotten."

Every parent can relate to his tenacity. If your child was lost or missing, there's nothing you wouldn't do to find them. You'd sail across oceans, scale mountains, and cross barren deserts to get to them. After 40 years, Jerry Miller's search paid off; he found his daughter. God's fierce love for us is a lot like Jerry Miller. We call God our Father for precisely this reason.