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How We Fight (((HOMILY))): 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Father Brian J. Soliven on Sunday July 19, 2020

My heart is heavy. Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; Brooklyn, New York; New Haven, Connecticut; St. Louis, Missouri; San Francisco and Sacramento. Nantes, France. Within the past few weeks, Catholic churches and monuments in these cities have either been set ablaze or vandalized. We only hear a scant whimper from the mainstream media. I only fear the trend will spiral even more recklessly. Do you see why my heart is heavy? Yet despite it all, my Christian heart is hopeful. Our master tells us in the Gospel reading today that the "wheat and the weeds" must grow together for now. Nothing escapes his gaze. When the final judgment comes, evil doers will receive their due soon enough. We need not seek vengeance with the dull weapons of the world; rather we love lavishly like Him. We turn the other cheek first. We forgive and we pray ardently for those who hate us. To spin the classic adage, we bring a rosary, not a knife, to the gun fight.