Holy Family Parish

God's Biggest Problem (((HOMILY))): 4th Sunday of Advent

by Father Brian J. Soliven on Sunday December 20, 2020

Have you ever wondered what God's biggest problem is? You'd be surprised. God's biggest problem is the same as our biggest problem. It is the root of all our interpersonal conflicts, why our spouses irritate us, why our teenagers drive us up the wall, and even why entire nations go to war. Yet paradoxically, this problem allows the possibility of what makes life even worth living, namely love itself. Without this "problem," love could not exist. I am speaking of freewill. The ability to choose is the unique gift that makes us human, created in "his image and likeness." For all of God's creative power and might, he bows before the majesty of our human freewill. The question is, how will we use it? Will you be like Eve? Or will you be like the Virgin Mary, for whom the Gospel in this Sunday's reading reveals as the most daring way?